Why RE/MAX Unlimited? Why RE/MAX Brand Marketing Leads Education Bottom Line


When it comes to choosing which real estate office to work in, we know you have choices. We will here try to convey some of the reasons you should consider a RE/MAX office as your home for real estate.

Do You Consider Yourself an Entrepreneur?

At its core, RE/MAX is a place for entrepreneurs. In business for themselves, but not by themselves, RE/MAX Sales Associates enjoy an unequaled mix of great independence and never-ending support.

With the RE/MAX maximum commission model, Sales Associates pay their fair share of office expenses and are able to keep more of their commissions. Also, each office has the independence to develop its own package of benefits and services.

Starting on day one, you’ll receive local, regional and national support, along with the benefits of competitive advantages unique to RE/MAX. From coaching to lead generation, systems to brand name awareness, you’ll find many amazing reasons to be glad you have the guts to make a change.

At the same time, you’ll realize exactly who’s in control of your career: You are.

Great Results Start With Great Sales Associates

RE/MAX isn’t for everyone. It’s the home of top producers, along with solid agents and up-and-comers who have the passion and drive to push themselves higher.

Being on the winning team brings unparalleled competitive advantages to Sales Associates, helping them close even more sales.

The truth is, if you like to hang out at the office waiting for the phone to ring, you’re better off somewhere else. But if joining the industry’s most productive sales force sounds appealing, you’re probably MAX enough to do it.

RE/MAX Sales Associates average more sales than agents with all other national competitors. In fact, in two major independent studies*, the transaction-sides-per-agent average of Sales Associates affiliated with participating RE/MAX offices was twice as high as that of other national franchises.

RE/MAX Sales Associates combine the many competitive advantages of RE/MAX affiliation with their own experience, education and personal drive. Individually, that creates great careers. Collectively, it builds an unstoppable force.

RE/MAX VS. The Industry

Average Transaction Sides Per Agent

RE/MAX Has the Most Productive Sales force in Real Estate!